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A Large & Startling Figure

The Harry Crews Online Bibliography

Short Stories

During his apprentice years, Crews claims to have written a "room full" of short stories only to have the majority of them rejected. As a result, only a small number, most of them published early in his career, exist in print.

Little Deaths: An Anthology of Erotic Horror "Becky Lives."
Little Deaths: An Anthology of Erotic Horror.
Ellen Datlow, ed.
NY: Dell, 1995.

Little Deaths is a collection of stories on a theme, what Georges Bataille calls in The Tears of Eros, "the coincidence of death and eroticism." In "Becky Lives," Jason Crowder procures the help of a prostitute to have revenge on his ex-wife, who had abandoned him and their two-year old daughter sixteen years ago. Crews's writing, as publicly consumable as it gets, is well tuned, and the story moves quickly to the inevitable Poe-like ending. First published in hardback in 1994.

Dell paperback edition available from Amazon Books (paid link)

"No Noise in the Wood."
New Day 1.5 (1973 November 21). --.

"[F]rom a novel in progress" (see Hargraves C10).

"The Player Piano."
The Florida Quarterly 1.2 (Fall 1967): 30-36.

Also featured in this issue, William S. Burroughs's short story, "23 Skiddoo Eristic Elite."

"A Long Wail."
The Georgia Review 18.2 (Summer 1964): 217-223.

"It Reminds One of the Opera."
P'an Ku (Broward Community College) 1.1 (1964): 20-21.

The contents page of P'an Ku , the BCC student literary/arts magazine, lists the author as "Mr. Harry Crews, Instructor of English." Crews is also credited as a faculty advisor for the magazine. [Thanks to Dr. Patrick Ellingham, Senior Professor of English, Broward Community College, South Campus, for his assistance with this citation].

"The Unattached Smile."
The Sewanee Review 71.2 (Spring 1963): 240-249.

Biographical notes allude to a novel to be published titled Jefferson Davis is Alive and Training in Atlanta.

A Large & Startling Figure: The Harry Crews Online Bibliography
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