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A Large & Startling Figure

The Harry Crews Online Bibliography

About the Web Site

This Web site is an on-going attempt to document all works written by and about Harry Crews, the novelist, essayist, and educator who has written and taught for over 30 years.

Several other bibliographers have dedicated their efforts to documenting Crews's work. In 1982, Daniel Gann constructed the first bibliography, "Harry Crews: A Bibliography" [Bulletin of Bibliography 39.3: 139-145]. The following year, Gary L. Long and Larry W. DeBord published a selected bibliography of critical works in their article, "Literary Criticism and the Fate of Ideas: The Case of Harry Crews" [The Texas Review 4.3-4 (Fall-Winter 1983): 69-91]. And in 1986, Michael Hargraves published Harry Crews: A Bibliography [Westport, CT: Greenwood], a complete, detailed account of everything Crews had published to that point. These bibliographies recorded the bulk of Crews's early work, and all were critical to the making of this one.

This bibliography was originally created to satisfy a thesis requirement for an MLS degree earned at UNC-Chapel Hill in 1996. With online access provided by UNC-CH's Sunsite (now Ibiblio.org), the thesis was made available during the early years of the Internet. Since then, the bibliography has shed its formal structure—although still ascribing to the practice of academic standards—and grown to its present form with the help of Crews fans, friends, and fellow fanatics. In 2002, when the domain name became available, the site moved to the current URL, harrycrews.com. And in 2010, the site returned as harrycrews.org (see, you really can go home again) to the wonderful collection at Ibiblio.org.

A different version of this bibliography, titled "A Harry Crews Bibliography: Short Work and Critical Response," appeared in an issue of The Southern Quarterly [37.1 (Fall 1998): 118-123]. In 2001, a slightly updated version of that bibliography appeared in Erik Bledsoe's Perspectives on Harry Crews, published by the University Press of Mississippi.

Feel free to contact me with comments or suggestions.

—Damon Sauve
   email [at] harrycrews.org

A Large & Startling Figure: The Harry Crews Online Bibliography
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